Scale Tools FAQs

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Q:  Can the Scale Tools be used offline on a phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, etc.)?

A:  Yes. Users will only need to visit the scale tools web page once with a connection and then the scale tools will be available even when the user doesn't have a connection to the internet. They can navigate to them from their browser just like they would with a connection, or create a bookmark on their homepage or screen.

Q:  When will our scale tools will be available in the App Stores for popular mobile devices like phones or tablets?

A:  Currently we have the Load Cell Wiring Guide as an app for Windows 8 and Windows Phones, but the others are all web-based. The Scale Tools apps that are available for download from the app stores will be available via the links on the Scale Tools page. The bookmark path above, along with the ability to use it offline, allows all the Scales Tools to be accessed and used by virtually all phones and tablets offline.

Q:  How can a user place a bookmark/icon (it will look like a downloaded app on their phone or tablet) on their device?

A:  A bookmark can be made of the scale tools web page, and then that bookmark can be put onto the home screen of your phone or tablet. Instructions on how to do this for the two most popular phone systems can be found at the below links.

How to place an icon on the iPhone or iPad Home Screens
How to place an icon on a Google Android Home Screen

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